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Dental Tourism

Chowpatty (Mumbai)
“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”. Today everybody accepts this and the changing attitude of people towards health sciences has brought the health industry in the limelight across the globe. For a healthy mind, you need a healthy body and for a healthy body you need that perfect set of teeth for healthy diet.
Unlike any other industry where machine and tools are important, in the medical field the accurate skill and clinical judgement of the doctor plays a pivotal role.

Gateway Of India (Mumbai)
Medical tourism is rapidly increasing where people all over the world are travelling to different countries to obtain medical, dental and surgical help and at the same time holidaying, sightseeing and even shopping around in those countries. South Africa, Greece, Jordan, Singapore, Philippines etc. are well known contenders.
India is known for its cultural and scenic beauty and it has been put on the international map as a paradise for those seeking affordable and quality health care.

Town Hall Library (Mumbai)
Numerous factors add on to this :
1) Indian doctors and hospitals are internationally renowned for their superior knowledge and skills.
2) Quick availablity of doctor all over the country whether it is a urban, rural or semi-urban area.
3) Language poses no major problems here. The top-notch clinics in Mumbai have staff suitable for international standards.
4) It is very cost-efective and efficient. To further add on the top notch clinics offers you value for your money and they do not compromise at all for quality.

Queen's Necklace at Night
5) Last but not the least India offers cultural and scenic beauty and all sorts of destinations like lush green hill stations, beaches historical monuments, deserts, forts and so on.
Here are a few favorite spots :
1) Taj Mahal
2) Forts and palaces of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer
3) Palace On Wheels
4) The Royal Orient
Well and if its Mumbai you just cannot miss Flora fountain, Film city, Chowpatty, Juhu Beach, Prince of Wales Musuem, Gateway of India and many more.
Now if we compare a dental filling in USA or Europe it would be around 300$ to 400$ but here you can get it done for 20 to 40 $. A Root Canal would cost anywhere between 400 dirhams - 500 dirhams in the middle east countries whereas here you do it for 200 - 300 dirhams. Dentures overseas are changed at 1000$ and here you can do it at least half the rate.

Taj Mahal (Agra)

Amer Fort (Jaipur)
At Dentocare, we are a multi speciality dental centre with a team of specialized surgeons using the latest dental technologies and the most important thing is quality control of our equipments, facilities, materials, procedures.
Our credentials say’s it all – On Panel for O.N.G.C , AIR INDIA & INDIAN AIRLINES.
So if you are looking for affordable dental care and of superior quality at the same time you are at the right spot. You can contact our staff and we are always happy to help you regarding your stay, visits and any other doubts you have.

To make your stay pleasant, here are a variety of hotels to choose from which are nearby or almost nearby to our dental centre :
1) Lavender Bough - 022-67742000/25061868
2) Peninsula Grand Hotel - 022-28519191
022-28518080/022 – 28531111
3) Holiday Inn Hotel - 022-40851800.
4) Intercontinental - The Lalit – 022-66992222
5) Jewel of Chembur - 022-67099999 / 022-25279000 / 022-25282720
6) Hotel Plaza - 022-61612344 / 022-25298502
7) Yogi Broadway Hotel - 022-61429535 / 022-25298498
8) Grand Hyatt Mumbai - 022-66761234 / 022-66771235
9) Trident(BKC) - 022-66727777 / 022- 66727788

1) Ms. Neha Kapur Shaikh, age 21, residing in UAE, about to get married had some dental problem and she contacted us. We guided her throughout her stay, she received excellent dental care at affordable prices and she even managed to do her shopping from Bombay, and yet managed to save so much. This is what Neha had to say...(Read More)


2) Mr. O.P. Malik, U.A.E. resident had several missing teeth in his mouth and dental implants was what we suggested him. He got his full mouth implants done at our centre and now he is more than happy to receive his new set of teeth and yet managed to save so much as compared to the exhorbitant rates in his own country...(Read More)


3) Ms. Lizella Van Gran, a Southafrican resident, had a couple of root canals to be done. She got in touch with us and got her entire dental treatment done at our centre and managed to see quite a lot of hotspots in Mumbai as well...(Read More)


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