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1) ACCURATE DIAGNOSTIC SET UP :- “Proper treatment planning only follows after a perfect diagnosis” is what the Dentocare team strongly believes in. Hence at our clinic we follow a standard procedure during the first consultation appointment which includes :-
A) Latest digital X-Ray Imaging. (RVG - Radiovisography).
B) Intra Oral Camera systems with high resolution images for better patient viewing.
C) Explaining the patients problems by showing similar cases which we have executed successfully in the past.
Rvg (Digital X-ray Imaging Systems)

2) STRICT STERILIZATION SYSTEMS :- We follow a strict sterilization protocol with a high end Tuttnauer Class B autoclave. Every patients set being autoclaved individually.

3) TIMELY SYSTEMATIC FOLLOW UPS :- After the treatment is over a dentist usually tells the patients to come for regular check up but in our fast paced lives it is very difficult for one to keep track of dates. At Dentocare you need not bother to remember your next dental check up appointment . Our efficient staff has all records updated with your next dental visit and you will be given friendly reminders via text messages or emails. Nevertheless, after every sitting you get a follow up call next day about your status. This is what the Dentocare team gets most complimented about.

4) PATIENT COMFORT :- The only family of its kind, Dentocare is the brainchild of a team of surgeons who saw the need for efficient, co-ordinated delivery of all branches of dentistry under one roof. It is set up with our patient’s comfort in mind. Enjoy listening to soothing music and relax in the pleasant surroundings while enjoying a selection of refreshing beverages. Our entertainment system uses JAMO noise cancelling headphones which allows you to enjoy your movie in quiet comfort without any distraction to the dentist or their staff.

5) Annual Maintenance Programme:- Regular oral hygiene forms the basis of our preventive dental care plan. Even with the perfect oral hygiene routine you can still develop dental problems that you may not be able to spot by yourself in your mirror. We use special intra oral magnifying cameras so that we can visualize all angles of your teeth and gums on a large screen and show them to you. We strongly believe in the motto "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE" and recommend an examination at least every six months and ideally 3 months to ensure any potential problems so that they are spotted early and treated when they need a "little fix", instead of waiting until it hurts and a more drastic and costly solution is required.
Intra Oral Camera Systems For A Magnified Image
Our annual maintenance programme at dentocare includes,
1) Regular scaling and polishing (3 Cleaning sessions per year i.e. once in four months).
2) X-rays of previous work done.
3) X-rays and pictures of any other suspectible teeth.
4) Dental hygiene kit.
We also educate patients on the correct technique of brushing and advise them on how to maintain a good oral hygiene.

6) BOUTIQUE DENTAL PRACTICE :- Unlike other dental clinics which often keep you waiting for endless hours, Dentocare team organizes their schedule with realistic goals making sure no patient is ever made to wait long for their appointment. Our doctors like to keep their patient volume low, scheduling extra time for patients to answer any questions they may have thus making this a TRUE BOUTIQUE DENTAL PRACTICE.

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