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Old Silver Fillings Replaced With Light Cure Composite Fillings
Tooth Colored Fillings

Wanna laugh loud but conscious of those dirty old black fillings in your mouth??
No worries, Dentocare is armed with the latest tooth coloured laser filling technologies wherin you can smile without worrying about your dirty black fillings..

If you have had cavities filled with amalgam, you know this feeling all too well. While amalgam, or metal-based, fillings do a great job of filling cavities, they may also weaken the tooth structurally and leave us with a glaring metallic reminder in our mouths.
Dentistry is not a static profession, there are advances made all the time as researchers find new and better materials and techniques that allow us to help our patients look and feel their best, while maintaining the health and functionality of their teeth. Composite, or tooth-colored fillings are one such advance that can improve the quality of your smile.

Composite fillings do the same job as amalgam fillings. They are used to fill cavities in order to prevent further decay and restore proper shape and function of the tooth. Instead of metal alloys, however composite fillings are typically made of porcelain or microscopic glass in an acrylic base. During the procedure, the decay is removed and the area is cleant. The tooth must then be kept free of saliva as we apply an adhesive and then layers of the composite material. Once the cavity is filled, we use a special light to cure or harden, the material into place. When you are done however, you have a natural-looking tooth instead of a metallic filling, which can help improve confidence in your smile. This is of particular importance when you have a cavity near the front of your mouth, where an amalgam filling would be much more noticeable. Many people love the aesthetic value of composite, or tooth-colored fillings but have concerns. Typically, they worry about two things: that composite fillings will not be strong or durable enough for their back teeth and that tooth-colored fillings will cost more to place. First, it is true that amalgam fillings have traditionally been stronger than composite in terms of their ability to withstand chewing and biting pressure. Many dentists continue to use amalgam on back molars for this reason. However as the science of dentistry advances, new and better materials have resulted in techniques and materials to justify their use in the back teeth.
Fractured Anterior Tooth Restored
With Tooth Colored Filling
We have used composite fillings on back teeth exclusively since a decade and have found them to not only be much more aesthetic than an amalgam placed on the same tooth but also more comfortable since they are less conductive of cold temperatures. They are also bonded into place and therefore reinforce the remaining tooth structure.
The other concern is cost. Tooth-colored fillings do cost more than amalgam fillings but the cost difference is not that significant and our patients find that the more aesthetic appearance and increase comfort outweighs the difference in the cost of the restoration.

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