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Myself, Mrs Vaishali M., Residing abroad flew down for a family wedding in Dec 2013. Since i was aware that i had painful wisdom teeth i decided to club the wedding trip and dental treatment together.

I visited dentocare through a friends referance. I was very scraed initially at the thought of wisom teeth surgeries since 7 days later was the wedding and i din't want a swelling complimenting my designer outfits.

Dr.Ajay, Dr. Meghna did detailed consultation and started some antibiotics and on the third day 3 of my wisom teeh were removed in a single sitting of one hour only.

The whole procedure with strict sterilisation was so beautifully conducted that even with sutures i dont have any swelling and i had seen my friend in the U.S with a single tooth removal and a huge swelling thereafter.

Thank You Drs. for saving my look for the wedding and ofcourse good riddance to the painful wisdom teeth

Good Luck Team

- Vaishali M.

Hello!!! Myself, Mrs Varsha L., Flew down for my brothers wedding in Nov 2013. I Had a few front teeth to be fixed and since my parents used to visit Dr. Ajay and Dr. Meghna I toodecided to visit them. I got my front teeth cosmetically Designed with them the way i wanted and i appreciate the quick and efficient job done!!.

Being a family wedding i had lots of shopping to be done on avery short notice but they adjusted my timings very kindly and i dint have to wait at all for either of my appointments.

In 2011, I fractured a tooth which then needed to be removed. Despite the best medical care, I was literally in tears in the middle of the procedure because of the pain. After the procedure of the extraction was over, Dr. Ajay, smiling as he always is, said to me that he set a new personal record for longest time taken for extraction. He went slow the make the process comfortable for me. And even afterwards, he sat by for the next 15-20 mins and din't hurry me in any way.

What is most remarkable is the promise they kept in delivering my job on time. There was a lot of pressure on them as far as time was concerned but they executed the whole procedure very efficiently

Thank you Dr. Ajay, Dr. Meghna for giving me a beautiful smile and keeping my wedding spirit high!!

- Varsha L.

Dr. Ajay & Dr. Meghna have been dentists for my family and me for the past 10 years or so. In this time, all the procedures - from check-ups to surgeries, have been in the skillfull hands. Their approach is as warm as that of a family member and their down-to-earth demeanour only matches it. My appointment with them have been for tooth-extraction, dental implants, dental bridges, cement fillings and root canals.

Their Process starts off with making the client as comfortable as possible. Other than the facility of TV-entertainment at the patient's-chair, if the patient is interested, they explaint to him/her exactly what is wrong, why the pain exist, how it can be avoided for other teeth, consequences of both - treatment and patient's negligent behaviour, how to not let the problem increase and, of course the ultimate long-term solution. Dental pain can hurt very badly, but they do their best [and succeed] in minimising it!

In 2011, I fractured a tooth which then needed to be removed. Despite the best medical care, I was literally in tears in the middle of the procedure because of the pain. After the procedure of the extraction was over, Dr. Ajay, smiling as he always is, said to me that he set a new personal record for longest time taken for extraction. He went slow the make the process comfortable for me. And even afterwards, he sat by for the next 15-20 mins and din't hurry me in any way.

The duo has invested in various state-of-art machines and both of them are personally up-to-date with the latest treatment methods. One may proceed to ask them the details and i am certain that one will be impressed.

Their methods include strict adherence to medical standards. In this span of 10 years, they have had various changes in their personell. I have personally, a time or tow witnessed them stricly reprimand their new staff, cautioning them against the slightest negligencce the imprtance of proactices like sterilisation, organisation etc. In short, they do not tolerate slighest of negligence and they have enforced in their clinic a strict discipline which one can resonably expect of a thorough professional.

Warm Regards,

Vinod Sampat

"Mom, where is my toothbrush?" it was 10 pm when my nephew genuinely asked my surprised sister-in-law for his toothbrush he now brushes twice a day. My nephw had got really impressed when he visited D. Ajay Vig few days ago. The adoption of technology and immense knowledge on treatment pushes me to recommend D. Ajay to everybody. After having treated 100's and 1000's patients, i am sure every patent goes of the clinic with a smile. Dr. Ajay has helped dento-o-care grow amazingly over the past few years. With ONGC, Air India, GVK under his belt. I am sure he will be on panel for a loot of more branch. I am glad, my family now have a permanant dentist and i can be assured of healty teeth for my family with no worries henceforth. I wish him greath success in all his endeavours.

Warm Regards,

Sanket Sheth

Myself, Mr. Shankar Dhote, retired MIDC Officer, had a fall and hurt myself on the chin and few of my lower front teeth fractured. I was in a shattered state when I visited my family dentist, Dr. Ajay. They removed my fractured teeth via surgery and suggested I go for dental implants. I was nervous at the thought but I went ahead with a series of implant surgeries for couple of implants in my mouth. Dr. Ajay and Dr. Meghna did a wonderful job throughout. Today, I am eating normally plus the replacements give a lifelike appearance in my mouth. What is most appreciative is their gentleness and level of patience while treating. They didn’t hesitate even when I asked them numerous doubts. I must have visited them number of times during the whole procedure and every time I was given reminder messages for my next appointment which was very convenient. Ending my letter on a very satisfactory note, I complement this team for a very bright future!!

Warm Regards,

Shankar Dhote

    Myself Mr. Avinash Bhende visited Dentocare with a fractured front tooth and badly decayed lower molars (WITH MISSING CROWN PORTION OF LOWER RIGHT MOLAR ). My anxiety was that I was flying abroad and I had only one week for the entire treatment. I was very quizzical as to how the Doctors would take care of my case in such a short span.

    To my surprise, Dr.Ajay and Dr. Meghna carried out the entire treatment very finely and professionally within the stipulated time period. I underwent extraction of my decayed molars and multiple Root canals with highly Cosmetic Porcelain Replacements.

    My first sitting lasted for three hours, in which they extracted my decayed molars and completed Multiple Root Canals. I sat very confidently throughout the treatment because I was assured that I was in safe hands. After the treatment, I can now fly out confidently without worrying if I have pain abroad. I COMPLIMENT THE EXPERT TEAM OF DR. AJAY AND DR. MEGHNA !!!!


Fractured Front Tooth

Final Front crowns

    On a starting note, I Mrs.Priyanka Dhote, would like to thank the team of dentocare doctors Ajay and Meghna, for giving me a perfect beautiful smile.

    I had proclined upper front teeth and I was very conscious about smiling in public. I went to dentocare and they did a complete evaluation of my case with full mouth x rays and detailed pictures. After taking some study models they designed a cosmetic smile makeover. I underwent single sitting painless root canals for the teeth involved and then they gave me cosmetic zirconia replacements. They finalized the entre treatment within less than a week whats striking is their dental technologies which they used to design my smile!!!!!

    I am looking forward to joining my husband abroad and surprise him with my new look!!!

    Thank you Dr. Ajay and Dr. Meghna for the wonderful job! Last but not the least I compliment the excellent sterilization, perfect follow ups.


Pre lateral View   Post lateral View
Pre--lateral view2   Post--lateral view2

I am a customs officer by profession and due to erratic work shifts I have not been able to take care of my teeth.
Ever since I came across Dr. Ajay and Dr. Meghna I have become a regular patient with Dentocare. I have got my entire dental treatment done here. What makes this place different from the others is that it feels like home and the most painful of treatments become a joy when you are surrounded by family. Right from the senior doctors to the helpers take you through with a smile and try their best to provide maximum comfort with minimum pain.
What is commendable and worth mentioning is that Dr. Ajay & Dr. Meghna ensure the same comfort and care for their patients even in their absence.


Anil Kumar Sharma

Bandra east

Mayur Naresh Khira 805, Nandadevi building,
Neelkanth Valley, 7th rd,
Rajawadi, Nr Somaiya college,
Ghatkopar (e), Mumbai 400 077,
Maharashtra, India

I have been paying a visit to the Priya Dental Clinic since some time now, the recent most visit has been to have a wisdom tooth extracted and I want to say that its’s surely less painful than what my previous dental experiences have been. Dr. Meghna has been there to guide and to answer all sortsuf questions, it’s hard find doctors these days who feel free to explain and don’t feel that the patient is questioning her ability.

The Clinic is top-notch, well maintained and uses the latest technology. you are shown clips of possible areas of concern which helps to visualize the problem areas. One does also enjoy their own decision making at the end of the day, which is what makes it quite relaxing.

Coming to the important part, I would say Priya Dental Clinic makes you realize the dental treatments can be reasonably priced so it doesn’t make patients think twice before opting for it. Apart from this, I would say the service offered is quite warm...a simple text to check for after treatment pain does always bring a smile.

Dr. Ajay also specializes in implants so it’s one stop destination for all your dental worries.

Overall I had a very satisfying experience and would recommended it to my family and friends !

Our Ref. FOS/L/208/11 Date : 19-06-2011
I am a resident of Sharjah, U.A.E and I was constantly trouble by dental problem until I got in touch with the Dentocare Team. I went for consultation and they guided me how to get rid of my decayed teeth and replace them with full mouth implants.

I went through a series of Surgical Procedures finely executed by Dr. Ajay & Dr. Meghna. Today I am so glad about the right decision I tookby coming to Dentocare. They are not only perfect profession wise but they are excellent host as well in the sense. I flew down a couple of times for my sittings ans they were in constant touch with me throughout the whole period and never made me wait for a single second. They always delivered the work in time as they promised, so the whole process glided so smoothly that I didn’t feel the pinch once also regarding the travelling part. Needless to say, their service is value for money.
Hereby I extend my warm wishes to them for bright and successful future!!!

O.P. Malik
Five Ocean Ship Repairing &
Marine Services L.L.C
P.O.Box.6382, Sharjah.
United Arab Emirates.

I had a very ugly looking upper jaw line. My teeth were placed crooked and were not in a straight line. Moreover after I had got my braces while I was in school. Since my jaw was very small, my teeth never came out in a straight line, which eventually got me into shying away from smiling. In 2008, September I happened to discuss my teeth issues with Ajay & Meghna Vij. I was getting engaged and married in the next 2-3 months and wanted to get rid of my dirty ugly looking teeth. We discussed our options and I decided to go and see in Mumbai at their clinic and got to stay with them as well. Getting engaged in 20days and a dental treatment on the way is something not every bride-to-be would be wanting to undergo. But I decided to bear the pain and waited anxiously to gain the Smile I have always wanted. Ajay and Meghna were very patient with me throughout my treatment. The team at the clinic is also very helpful, friendly and professional. The clinic is always clean and hygenic and taken very good care of. My treatment was over in 5 days... less than what I had planned for and I still had money to shop for my engagement as well as marriage.

All in all Ajay and Meghna Vij are very professional and dependable doctors. I do and would recommend everybody to visit their clinic.

Thank you guys once again for giving me the lifetime opportunity to SMILE AND WIN HEARTS.

Best Regards,

Neha Shaikh


I was suffering from pain and swelling in my lower front gum area since a while.I contacted my family dentist and they diagnosed it as something called as a 'cyst' and suggested i undergo surgery for removal of the same.The whole thought was very scary and unnerving,but i had no option and I went ahead with the surgery.
Dr. Meghna along with her oral surgeon carried out the entire surgery which lasted for over an hour but it was so smooth that I felt minimum pain. I was given sutures thereafter and was called regularly for check ups till it healed.
Today I am eating very comfortably and even the swelling has disappeared. I would like to compliment the gentle, caring nature and the professional skills of Dr. Meghna who convinced me to go through the whole procedure very assuringly and eventually I am glad I did it. Heres wishing the Dentocare team a bright future and next time if any of my family members have dental problems I know where I have to go.

Best Regards,

Premal Bhagalia

I, Lizelle Van Graan, a South African resident was suffering from severe toothache and visited my local dentist nearby and he suggested I go for Root Canals for 3 teeth but what he quoted me was exorbitant, then I got to know about Dentocare through a friend and contacted them. I put forward my whole problem and they guided me to fly down to India for the same. I flew down, got my Root Canals and Crowns done with Dr. Ajay & Dr. Meghna. It was surprisingly painless and all the sittings were so comfortable with them.

What was most noticeable about them was the sterilization part. It was just amazing. I also got to visit Mumbai hot spots like Chowpatty Beach, Prince of Wales Museum etc. and surprisingly my whole trio plus treatment expense was even less than what local Dentists quoted in my country.

I compliment the Dentocare team for giving me a new smile and opportunity to visit BEAUTIFUL INDIA which I always dreamt of!!!

Thanking you once again Dr. Ajay & Dr. Meghna!!!

To see the video of Lizelle Van Graan

I was always conscious about my yellow teeth and wanted to get that milky white perfect smile, but did not know how to go about it. Since Dentocare is on panel for Air India, I got in touch with them and had a long consultation at their centre where they guided me to go through the bleaching procedure. I was completely satisfied after this visit as they showed me cases which they had executed in the past with pre and post pictures.

It was painless, easy 35 minutes chair side procedure. At the end of the treatment, I got exactly what I had in mind and that to without any side effects.

I personally thank Dr. Ajay, Dr. Meghna and Dentocare team for their gentle caring and expertised protocol.

I would definitely recommend the bleaching procedure to all my friends.

Komal Derrick

Myself Mrs. Aruni Shetty had severe pain in the lower right posterior region. Through my friends reference I visited Dentocare centre.Dr.Ajay, Dr.Meghna did a complete examination including X-rays and diagnosed deep infection in the wisdom tooth with pus and mobility and also few missing teeth in front of it. They performed wisdom tooth Endodontic procedure along with bone graft and flap surgery, which saved my tooth and mobility reduce drastically. I was very scared about loosing it as it was the last tooth and if I lost it I would have to go for dentures later on.

I thank the Doctors for saving my tooth and highly appreciate the cosmetic bridge which they fixed. It solved two purposes for me, saved my tooth and also replaced several missing teeth at the same time.

I hereby compliment the painless fantastic protocol, excellent sterilization and detailed knowledge of the team.

Wishing you a bright successful future!!!

Before-Multiple Missing Teeth

After-Replacement with Longspan bridge

Myself Miss Reena Parcha visited Dentocare for my nephew Aadit Parcha(3.5 years) because he had severe pain in his milk teeth.Dr.Ajay,Dr Meghna took X-rays and diagnosed Nursing Bottle
Caries(Multiple teeth decay).

I was very upset as to how my little nephew would sit throughout the treatment, but to my surprise the Dentocare team handled him with so much care and delicacy that he underwent six pulpectomy's (milk tooth root canal) Doctors made him sit in my lap throughout the treatment so that he would feel comfortable.

Today he is free from decay and can eat well and top it all he never forgets to peep in and say hello when he passes by the clinic.I sincerely thank Dr.Ajay and Dr.Meghna for handling my little one so well.

A LINE FROM THE DOCTORS---- (The importance of saving milk teeth is that, under the milk teeth are buds of permanent teeth which come out later after the age of 6 years.So if the milk teeth are lost prematurely then the permanent teeth will come out in any awkward manner thus disturbing the child's look and occlusion).

Multiple teeth decay

Milk tooth root canal

I Mrs. Kirpal Bariana, Resident of Maitri Park, Chembur, would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the DENTOCARE team.

My teeth were in a bad shape when i visited the clinic. Dr Ajay, Dr Meghna did a full mouth scan with pictures and x-rays and suggested removal of all my decayed back teeth which were mostly root pieces. So I underwent a few minor surgeries for removal of the same. All my front teeth were given cosmetic bridges.

My treatment lasted for over two months because I had to wait for healing of extracted areas. For the back teeth I was given CAST PARTIAL DENTURES. I specifically compliment the perfect reminder calls given for my next scheduled appointments, the patience of the Drs treating me specially in my surgical phases. They were always available to talk and guide me whenever I required them.

Today I have a very confident smile and I am very happy with my new set of teeth.


Before--Fractured Decayed Teeth

After---Full mouth cosmetic replacements

I had fractured and missing front teeth, when I visited my neighborhood Dentist Dr. Ajay & Dr.Meghna at their Dentocare Centre, after removing an OPG and a detailed discussion about Dental Implants, we decided to go ahead with the Surgery. They inserted Implants in the missing teeth area and later on gave beautifully looking porcelain caps.

In between the treatment period, I was given temporary fittings so that I could move around comfortably. The entire treatment lasted for about 4 months, during which I was given perfect follow ups and courtesy calls.

I highly appreciate the entire implant procedure done, which otherwise sounded very complicated to me.


Myself Mrs. V.V Kamble working with AIR INDIA had fractured upper front teeth. Since Dr. Ajay Vig is a PANEL DENTIST FOR AIR INDIA, I contacted him and visited his Centre.

After diagnosing my case with X-rays and pictures, we decided to go for upper complete teeth replacement. He removed my old fractured teeth and gave my Highly Cosmetic Crowns. The treatment lasted for over 10 days and I was completely satisfied during this period.

I would definitely recommend this Centre to all the AIR INDIA OFFICIALS.


I Mrs. N. Fonseca visited Dentocare with severe gastric problem because of numerous missing teeth, fractured teeth & decayed root pieces. I was referred through a close friend who had done her treatment with them.

Dr. Ajay, Dr, Meghna went ahead with their normal investigative procedures like OPG, Blood test ect., and eventually they removed fractured decayed teeth as well as root pieces. I was given 45 days rest as there were major surgical extractions  done & required satisfactory healing period. during this phase they were in constant touch with me and I was given regular follow ups. I had mixed feelings during this period, but doctors were always available to mentor me whenever I required them. Later on, I was given full mouth Metal & Ceramic bridges.

Apart from excellent work, affordable rates, I specially compliment the caring & friendly approach of the doctors.

Today, I am eating very normally and my gastric problem has diappeared Completely !


Lower day1   Upper day1
lower-after extractions,rootcanals,fillings   Upper-after extractions,root canals,fillings
Lower-finals   Upper-finals

I contacted the Dentocare team via website for my upper missing molars. As I live abroad, I was skeptical about my treatment duration, but they handled everything according to my convenience.

The doctors did a Sinus Lift Surgery since there was less bone in my Upper Molar areas. According to them, it means placing Bone Graft in that Sinus area so that the implants would stabilize during the healing period. They did the Sinus Lift procedure along with implants placement in single sitting. After a gap of couple of months I flew down again for my Crowns.

I appreciate their fantastic follow ups, strict sterilization procedure and Patient Management.

I will definitely recommend my friends to go to Dentocare (india) for any dental problem since it is very pocket friendly. The Sightseeing too was amazing.

Sinus lift surgery along with implant placements

Area healed and ready for crowns

final crowns with blocked occlusal screw opening

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